"Being great at something is going to change it. Being a part of something special makes you special, right?
five years of Glee - the pilot episode was broadcast on May 19, 2009
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Excellent performance. Or it would’ve been, had the assignment been a duet. Apparently, you both feel that you’re above this class, and all that governs it.

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The only thing that scares me is getting through ‘Who Are You Now?’ It’s the last song and I always think about him when I sing it.

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get to know me: [10/10] tv shows | glee
 "We’re all losers! Everyone in this school! Hell, everyone in this town! Out of all the kids who graduate, maybe half will go to college, and two will leave the state to do it! I’m not afraid to be called a loser because I can accept that’s what I am."

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A sexually transmitted disease, and the numbers are sky-rocketing. And don’t think you’re not in danger just because you’re…
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With you and me it’s different, you know? Never had a… a gay bro before. We’ll be like Wolverine and Cyclops.

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